CHANI, Service de CHimie ANalytique et chimie des Interfaces


The research activities cover various aspects of surface and interfacial chemistry since they focus on the modification, characterization and reactivity of surfaces.

The studies carried out at the solid-liquid interface and solid-gas interface deal with the modification of surfaces (metals, metal electrodes and polymers) by chemical or electrochemical reactions, by self-assembling as well as by plasma techniques.


Thin layers, organized monolayers and nanostructured surfaces are designed. The characterization is mainly based on electrochemical techniques, spectroscopic techniques (FTIR, XPS...) as well as on microscopy and contact angle measurements. The surface properties are examined for the design of smart materials, barrier layers, electrocatalysis, biocompatibility and biosensing.


Main domains of expertise of the group:  electrochemistry, plasma techniques and surface analysis.